The Book Scene For Two-Dads Families

March 2021 - Reading books and having a broad home library can be essential for families of all backgrounds. However, even most LGBTQ+ content is quite scarce when talking about families with two dads. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from the book scene and what you can do if you want to contribute.

Get in touch with LGBTQ+ organizations.

In most cases, LGBTQ+ organizations are going to be able to point you in the right direction. There are so many helpful organizations out there, including ILGA, The Trevor Project, or GLSN - Only to mention a few of the hundreds, if not thousands, of local, national and global groups that are becoming stronger each day! It's a good idea to start locally, if possible, and see what your community has to offer. Many of these organizations have libraries, archives, and resource centers for people seeking quality content. Suppose you are looking for books related to families with two dads or parenting from a gay male couple's perspective. In that case, you might be able to find some valuable publications through these organizations.

Social media and community

While it might not always be easy to come across other gay dads in your area, the web can help you connect with other two-dad families. Use social media and Internet communities to seek out people who share similar experiences. They might be able to assist you or suggest you some great books to check out! There are so many helpful communities on socials that you could check out. For instance, there are countless Facebook Groups, such as the fast-growing "LGBTQ BOOKS GROUP." In addition to that, don't underestimate the potential of Instagram, Twitter, or any sites that enable hashtags. Try and experiment with hashtags like #lgbtqbooks or #twodads - you might run into something worth checking out!

Self-publish your books

Perhaps one of the best things you can do is share your experience with the world. Writing might seem like a daunting task if you are not accustomed to doing it. However, getting started is quite easy, and it is not like you need to turn into Stephen King overnight! What matters is your perspective. As a member of a two-dad family, you have a unique story to tell. Many people like you are looking for a voice that resonates with them. It is all about connecting with someone who gets out there and shares a unique perspective with the world. Well, you could become that someone, and writing a book or even a blog about your experience can be amazing. Today, writing and releasing a book to an audience is easier than ever. There are many opportunities to self-publish literary content and become successful. The internet enables authors to reach a large audience without the need for literary agents, book labels, and other companies doing major promo. Many couples in two-dad families go this route, preferring to write their own books since it is so difficult to find some great content out there!

Better yet, you could even combine all the suggestions featured in this article into one single project. For example, you could write a book, and contact other families with two dads, so that you can interview them or collect their stories for the narrative as well. This could help you create a diverse and engaging book, and who knows, you might learn something new in the process as well! You could also reach out to LGBTQ+ organizations to let them know about your project. They might be interested in offering some form of support, whether it's financial, visibility, or other resources.

Colorful Family is a company that publishes it's own children's books for these types of families, and it can be a great resource for amazing content!